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I got a few new orders in and I'm starting to zero in on things I like and manage to avoid things that simply don't work for me and never will.

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eternalsojourn: Legs (Legs)
This time I've covered all the ones I missed last time as well, so some of these are from old, no-longer-available collections. But at least I have the Haus of Gloi Valetine's collection here, which is still available.

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eternalsojourn: Legs (Legs)
I used to work in a perfume shop and sniffed my way around all of the inventory. I don’t love a lot of what’s out there, and I find a lot of it quite samey. I’ve been on the hunt for something unique and magical, and had nearly given up. Then I smelled Byredo’s scents and realized that there are some truly unique scents out there.

Of course, I can’t afford Byredo, so I turned to indie scents just to see what they were about. The price was attractive (Haus of Gloi has sample sizes for $2.50-3.00 and int’l shipping flat rate $5). Most of the companies appear to have a standard line plus an ever-changing seasonal selection. This appeals to me because I get bored easily.

I’ve been going nuts reading up on all the different scent profiles and placing orders when I can afford to. I imagine I’ll write up some more reviews when my next order comes in (Haus of Gloi’s Valentine’s stuff) and continually as I explore indie perfumes. I like chatting about scents but I don’t actually know anyone in real life who cares even remotely. So I’m dumping my thoughts here.

The list below doesn’t represent all I’ve ordered, but close to it.

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