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I wrote this a year ago and just found it in my In Progress tag. I’m posting it to clear it out, because I don’t think it’ll become anything. Title (official and the fuller version that titles this post) is a paraphrased version of a lyric from Intermittently by the Barenaked Ladies.

Rating: NC-17
Pairing:Eames/Other (implied unrequited Arthur/Eames)
Word Count: ~570
Warnings: Unsafe anonymous sex
Summary: Eames’s desire for Arthur comes out sideways.

Fucking You By Proxy )

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This was originally written as a commentfic for [ profile] dremiel’s International Kissing Day post. It's pretty thoroughly fluffy, and for some reason I feel I need to apologize for that more than when I write violence or hardcore porn.

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Word Count: ~1900
Warnings: None
Beta: [ profile] night_reveals
Summary: Arthur and Eames hook up, then drift apart. Arthur returns, and Eames is a little slow on the uptake. Basically, this is my ode to Riomaggiore, La Lanterna, and my OTP.

Riomaggiore )


Apr. 9th, 2011 12:23 am
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This is totally unprompted porn. Not gonna lie, I was inspired by watching Star Trek after (much) too much wine, and saw Chris Pine as Kirk draped over a table all covered in blood after a fight. "Hnnnngggg," I thought. "That's hot." This is the result.

: NC-17
Word Count:~3400
Warnings: Violence (mostly against OCs), Non-established relationship coupled with Mild Bloodplay, Barebacking, Creaming, Swappy!Topping
Pairings or Characters: Arthur/Eames
Summary: During a companionable and platonic walk back to their hotel, Arthur and Eames are jumped by a pair of thugs who apparently don't know what they're in for. Cue a flood of testosterone and fight/fuck response.
Beta[ profile] night_reveals , who always reins in my ridiculousness and walked me straight through some truly wretched versions of things out through the other side to something better

Savage )


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