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Once again, I'm way late to the party: a decade this time. I've only just been watching Buffy for the first time ever, and got swept away with Buffy/Spike feels. I've read about 3 Buffy fanfics, so I feel like a full-on interloper writing for this fandom.

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3850
Warnings: Unsafe sex, the tiniest bit of blood
Summary: Buffy has been resurrected, and nothing’s felt right since. She seeks solace in a place only her body knew would provide it.
A/N: This takes place immediately before Once More With Feeling (between S6E6 and S6E7), so at this point no actual (non-spell-induced) kisses have happened between these two. I conceived of this story, began to write it, then saw Once More With Feeling. Coming from a movie fandom, I’m very unused to canon carrying on doing things after I write a thing. Weird.
Beta: [ profile] night_reveals

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It began, as these things sometimes do, on twitter. [ profile] eamesie posted a delectable picture of JGL as Dr. Don going down, wet-lipped and gorgeous. Serious and scientific discussion resulted, and then I suggested that perhaps a fic should exist in which forgedlady!Eames teaches bb!Arthur how to go down. So here you go, [ profile] eamesie! I hope you like it.

See under the cut for the picture (and bonus gif she made!) in question.

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3000
Warnings: Genderbending (for part of it), Age disparity
Summary: Eames forges a woman in order to teach bb!Arthur how to go down. Arthur takes what Eames offers; Eames might have it a little bit wrong.
Beta: [ profile] night_reveals, and much encouragement from [ profile] countrypixie1. Gorgeous, talented ladies, both, and I’m lucky to have them.

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