Five Weeks

Jan. 8th, 2012 12:34 am
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I wrote this thing in what amounted to an online porn party, where [ profile] chaostheorem, [ profile] night_reveals and I all wrote our individual fics for asunder's Facial Fest over at dreamwidth. I must say, writing porn is better in a party environment.

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1286
Warnings: None
Summary: Cobb is a cockblocker, Arthur is gets a faceful, and Eames gets a little more than that.
Beta: [ profile] night_reveals

Five Weeks )

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As many of you know, Joseph Gordon-Levitt put on a hitRECord show in New York on Hallowe'en. As if that wasn't enough to have attending fans tweeting, he showed up on stage in full drag. Twitter exploded.

Somehow in the whirlwind of conversation surrounding this event, I ended up in an fresh document for an A/E fic inspired by this, and, independently, neomeruru started to create art. At the early stages, we compared notes, decided it worked, and now we have this! \o/

Author: [ profile] eternalsojourn with Artist: [ profile] neomeruru
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3300
Warnings: Crossdressing
Beta: [ profile] night_reveals
A/N: Although this is top!Arthur in drag in a fetish club, there isn’t really any d/s in this.
Summary: Arthur believes that anything worth doing is worth doing well.


The Drag of Skin Against Skin )

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Mpreg you guys. Seriously, I don't know what happened. Fandom was supposed to be a place where I tried out my writing skills with an eye to moving on to original fic. Here I am writing full-on mpreg sex hot on the heels of an Alpha/Omega impregnation fic. And yet, I will not repent. This stuff is fun, and this fic in particular is kind of a warm, happy place for me. I hope it is for you too.

This story can be viewed at bina's journal for Kink Fest 2.0 or here below the cut.

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1545
Warnings: Mpreg
Beta: [ profile] countrypixie1 whose fault this is for leaving me unattended while drinking and sitting at the computer.
Summary: Eight months along, Eames is huge and uncomfortable. A fic that’s one part domestic familiarity, one part affection, 2 parts sex.

Taking Care )

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Hi everyone! I posted a new fic over at [ profile] ae_match.

You can check it out at ae-match, over at AO3, or you can click below to read it here at my journal. Options, you have them.

Highway )
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Hiya! I didn't get around to linking this earlier, but I posted an angsty fic over at ae-match. I have other fics underway; this was the first one out of the gate.

Link to ae-match post

Or view it right here!

This Sentimentality Doesn't Look Good On Me )


Apr. 9th, 2011 12:23 am
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This is totally unprompted porn. Not gonna lie, I was inspired by watching Star Trek after (much) too much wine, and saw Chris Pine as Kirk draped over a table all covered in blood after a fight. "Hnnnngggg," I thought. "That's hot." This is the result.

: NC-17
Word Count:~3400
Warnings: Violence (mostly against OCs), Non-established relationship coupled with Mild Bloodplay, Barebacking, Creaming, Swappy!Topping
Pairings or Characters: Arthur/Eames
Summary: During a companionable and platonic walk back to their hotel, Arthur and Eames are jumped by a pair of thugs who apparently don't know what they're in for. Cue a flood of testosterone and fight/fuck response.
Beta[ profile] night_reveals , who always reins in my ridiculousness and walked me straight through some truly wretched versions of things out through the other side to something better

Savage )
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I have some stories on the go with actual plot and honest-to-god character exploration. This story is not one of those. This was written to scratch an itch to have Arthur top for once, and let him have a few filthy words. Until the very end, my working title for this was ToppyTalker!Arthur, which lacks finesse but was pretty accurate. Hopefully I will post something soon that isn't just straight up porn. That's the goal; but then, that was my previous goal and this happened, so there's that. 

Rating: NC-17
Word Count:~5200 (Seriously, what?)
Warnings: Ridiculous dialogue and slightly uncomfortable sex? Arthur’s packin’ a bit of a beast, is what I’m sayin’.
Pairings or Characters: Arthur/Eames
Summary: Written in response to this prompt - Despite his staid exterior, Arthur has the filthiest mouth in bed (top!Arthur pls). Arthur and Eames have a bit of a routine in which they trade a few barbs, which inevitably leads to sex. Only this time Arthur decides he wants to rewrite the story a little. 
Beta: The bulk of this fic has been beta’ed by the ever-lovely porn-prodigy [ profile] night_reveals . It will probably be apparent what point she beta’ed to; suffice to say, all the good bits are the ones she had a hand in.
Author’s Note: I hit a wall (read: personal problems) right at the peak of the momentum, and had troubles getting back to it. I just needed to finish this fic, so the ending is a little rushed after taking so long with everything else. On the up side, I found the solution for finishing porn when you’re not in a porn state of mind. It’s a simple mathematical equation: gin + tonic = porn. Take notes, kids. /bad influence
Also, sorry for repeated edits. C/p into LJ resulted in all kinds of random hyphenations. FML.

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