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2021-07-27 10:18 am

Welcome Post

Hello! I'll start by saying I have no idea how much I'll use this account, but I will back up all of my fic here.

Why should you care? Well, I don't know. Maybe you know me from my Livejournal activities, from Archive of Our Own (AO3), or from Twitter (or even Tumblr). My username at all of those is also eternalsojourn, just to keep things simple.

Feel free to add me to your circles, and if you'd like me to add you back, just drop me a comment. I don't bite, I promise. Well. I don't bite unless you like that sort of thing. I'm very amenable.

Wait, what?

If you have no idea who I am or what I'm talking about, sorry. I kind of jumped in the middle there. Here's the short intro to me:

  • I'm a writer of fanfic

  • I'm exclusively in the Inception fandom at the moment

  • My stuff is largely NC-17

  • I write slash with rare exceptions — if you don't like gay porn, you probably won't like my stuff

  • This account will be pretty much exclusively fic postings

So that's it. Once Livejournal is up and running again I'll backup all my fic here.
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2015-02-08 07:48 pm

Welcome Post

Hey there! First off, this journal contains lots of explicit sexual content. If you know me in real life and this makes you uncomfortable, please do us both a favour and click on to something else entirely. This isn't a journal exactly, so much as a place where I post fanfic. It's almost exclusively Inception fandom, but I'm branching out a little with my first Sherlock fic (which, incidentally, is a Sherlock/Inception crossover. Baby steps.)

What to expect in my stories )

Permissions to use my work

You are more than welcome to podfic, make art, write follow-ups, side stories, whatever takes your fancy. But please let me know so I can kiss you silly thank you properly.

Master Fic List )

Friending Policy

You seriously don't need to ask before friending me. Just come in, I'll make you a cup of tea (or a classic cocktail, depending), and we'll chat about pretty boys fucking.

My other sites

  • Twitter - I'll add you back if you have anything that looks like a legitimate person, especially one in fandom, in your profile.
  • Tumblr - If you’re interested in my porn/fandom tumblr, be aware that it is very, very nsfw. But follow away if you want a dash full of gay porn, Tom Hardy, JGL and an assortment of other people I deem rebloggable. Note that I also reblog a lot of BBC Sherlock stuff, a little less Film Sherlock stuff, and I dabble in other fandoms like the Avengers.
  • Archive of our Own - I duplicate all of my posts at AO3, with the exception of the Skin Hunger one which is going to get a final edit before posting.
  • Dreamwidth - It's a direct replica of my LJ, although I still get notifications for comments made there if you prefer it.
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2015-02-08 07:48 pm

General Intro & Master Fic List

Hey there! First off, this journal contains lots of explicit sexual content. If you know me in real life and this makes you uncomfortable, please do us both a favour and click on to something else entirely.

This isn't a journal exactly, so much as a place where I post Inception fanfic porn. I’m not in any other fandom at the moment, so this is pretty much all I write these days.

What to expect in my stories )

Master Fic List )

Friending Policy

You seriously don't need to ask before friending me. Just come in, I'll make you a cup of tea (or a classic cocktail, depending), and we'll chat about pretty boys fucking.

I also have a twitter account if you'd like to catch up with me there. I'd love it if you could just let me know if your name is different there than your LJ name, though, because I fail at keeping track of things. /o\
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2014-05-21 10:52 am

A present for Ashley - "What? Friends Talk About Porn.", a Dean/Cas Fic

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Word Count: ~2900
Warnings: None
Summary: Cas figures out how to text and keeps sending Dean messages. When he starts asking questions about porn, their already weak boundaries blur even further.
A/N: This was written for Ashley because while I can' change the world around to make sure she only ever gets good news, I can change her inbox so it has some porn in it.

What? Friends Talk About Porn. )

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2014-05-13 08:32 pm
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Perfume Review #3 - Darling Clandestine & Haus of Gloi

I got a few new orders in and I'm starting to zero in on things I like and manage to avoid things that simply don't work for me and never will.

Reviews under the cut )
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2014-04-28 11:32 am

Orphaning a few works - Heads up

Hi everyone!

So I have a few works I'd like to detach myself from for various real-world reasons. Specifically, I'm venturing into professional writing and while I've tried to keep my birth name separated from my fandom name, those streams crossed paths some time ago.

So, there are a few works I'm going to orphan but keep available under AO3's orphan account. If you'd like to download them before I do that (or just take note of the titles to find them later under the orphan account), here are the ones I'm jettisoning:

[DELETED - Welp, they're gone! If you really want to find them, feel free to DM me and I can send you the orphaned-fic links.]

Boy, this is unexpectedly hard for me. Bye, little fics. I did my best with you. Thanks for helping me learn.

I will be orphaning these fics next Monday, May 5th, 2014.
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2014-03-23 04:11 pm

Contouring! A makeup post.

Okay, so I've been fucking around with makeup for awhile (again) because I'm 37 and I think it's time to shake things up again and learn some things. So I looked at a bunch of tutorials, bought some stuff and started messing around. I didn't use a tutorial for this particular technique: I more absorbed all the tutorials and then winged it when I bought this foundation I figured would work for that purpose.

So here's my 2nd attempt at contouring. I'm no expert obviously, but hopefully this also shows that it's not an expert's technique. It's kind of easy, and though my technique could be improved, I think early results are positive so the learning curve isn't that steep. Here we go.

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2014-03-19 12:31 pm

Fic: Heal Me (Supernatural)

This is my first Supernatural fic and I’m wrestling with things like characterization, writing actual fiction as opposed to the heavy non-fiction I’ve been working on for the past while, and returning to porn after having a baby which has its own mindfuckery. These are not excuses because this fic is what it is and I don’t think porn should ever require an apology for existing. I’m just in full on mulling-over-my-own-limitations mode.

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Word Count: 3024
Warnings: None
Summary: Dean gets injured on a job and Cas heals him. Cas misses the finer distinction between helping and “helping” while he’s tooling around inside Dean’s body.
A/N: This is my first Supernatural fic and I’m wrestling with things like characterization, writing actual fiction as opposed to the heavy non-fiction I’ve been working on for the past while, and returning to porn after having a baby which has its own mindfuckery. These are not excuses because this fic is what it is and I don’t think porn should ever require an apology for existing. I’m just in full on mulling-over-my-own-limitations mode.
Beta: '[ profile] night_reveals

Heal Me )

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2014-03-07 03:11 pm
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Another Perfume Review: Darling Clandestine and Haus of Gloi

This time I've covered all the ones I missed last time as well, so some of these are from old, no-longer-available collections. But at least I have the Haus of Gloi Valetine's collection here, which is still available.

Review under the cut )
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2014-01-29 03:42 pm

Indie Perfume Review

I used to work in a perfume shop and sniffed my way around all of the inventory. I don’t love a lot of what’s out there, and I find a lot of it quite samey. I’ve been on the hunt for something unique and magical, and had nearly given up. Then I smelled Byredo’s scents and realized that there are some truly unique scents out there.

Of course, I can’t afford Byredo, so I turned to indie scents just to see what they were about. The price was attractive (Haus of Gloi has sample sizes for $2.50-3.00 and int’l shipping flat rate $5). Most of the companies appear to have a standard line plus an ever-changing seasonal selection. This appeals to me because I get bored easily.

I’ve been going nuts reading up on all the different scent profiles and placing orders when I can afford to. I imagine I’ll write up some more reviews when my next order comes in (Haus of Gloi’s Valentine’s stuff) and continually as I explore indie perfumes. I like chatting about scents but I don’t actually know anyone in real life who cares even remotely. So I’m dumping my thoughts here.

The list below doesn’t represent all I’ve ordered, but close to it.

Review under the cut )
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2013-07-07 08:35 pm

To Kiss Fingerprinted Skin 2

I don't know how long ago the a/e match was, but since then I've been contemplating a sequel to that cheating fic I wrote which would explain more fully Arthur's situation. Here it is a year+ later, but if you've kept up with my little personal saga, you're probably aware I've had a preoccupied year. (Excuses, excuses.)

The original To Kiss Fingerprinted Skin (Part One) fic is at: LJ or AO3

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Arthur/OC, Arthur/Eames
Word Count: ~7000
Warnings: Infidelity (Arthur is cheating on his longtime partner with Eames), angst, lots of OC (David, Arthur’s partner)
Summary: Feeling trapped in an untenable relationship, Arthur struggles to figure out a way forward when all he wants is to be with Eames.
A/N: Although this fic could technically stand on its own, it’s truly a follow up to the first fic in which Eames is laid bare and Arthur’s intentions are unclear. This is Arthur’s point of view.
Beta: [ profile] night_reveals

To Kiss Fingerprinted Skin )

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2013-02-13 05:54 pm

Lyra's Birth Story

Warning: the content below contains candid and potentially graphic information about birth. If this is triggery for you, please proceed with caution.

If this is not triggery content, please be aware that I am posting this as a kind of antidote to everything you hear about birth everywhere else. For all that this contains frank discussions about pain, this is a positive story in tone and spirit, if I'm even remotely successful in conveying the actual experience.

”Lyra's )
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2013-01-06 10:26 am

On slut shaming and the value of women

I was on facebook first thing in the morning and stumbled across a post by my sister linking to a story about Muhammed Ali and his daughters.

Muhammed Ali Slut Shaming Advice

This is my sister posting this, thinking about how to discuss the issue with my nieces. While sometimes I might let this kind of thing go as it gets exhausting constantly calling everything into question on Facebook, I really felt a responsibility to say something for the sake of my nieces, and for my sister's sake. Because I know she grew up with the same ideals I did, and has internalized the same sexual and body shame I have. So here was my response:

No, I'm compelled to say something, because this is the sort of thing that sounds like wisdom but hides something darker underneath. And it's the attitude we all grew up with, and I think it needs challenging.

Women aren't diamonds or pearls or gold. We're people with minds and the power of choice. We are not our bodies; there's so much more to us than that. "Your body is sacred. You're far more precious..." So wait. I'm my body? That's all I am? A gem or an object to be literally uncovered if some prince of a man comes along and decides to treat me like a Tiffany bracelet instead of costume jewellery? How about someone who treats me like a human with a voice and a brain? A peer not a prize?

I have an idea for an alternative way of viewing "revealing" clothes". How about we teach our girls that clothes are THEIR choice? Whatever image they wish to project to the world, that's their choice. It can be strategy, it can be honed, it can be fun. Whatever else came out of The Hunger Games, I'm glad that Suzanne Collins chose to make fashion a political strategy, because it so often is. It's a tool people (see how I include women in the "people" category?) can use to set the tone for how people deal with them. It is not the sum total of who they are, nor should it be mistaken for that.

Underneath all of this well-meaning story of Muhammed Ali's advice is the notion that women are valued for their bodies and are the gatekeepers of sexual desire. An extension of that is the belief that men are mindless animals who evaluate women based on their clothes, and determine a woman's sexual availability and overall value by what they wear instead of just ASKING them about it. I don't know about you, but that whole notion is scary to me.

Let's teach our kids (boys and girls and all the shades of gendery grey around that false binary) some better messages. Maybe their generation can grow up without teaching women sexual shame in every aspect of what they do.

So that's it. I just wanted to capture this somewhere where it won't just disappear under a bunch of other mundane crap as it will on Facebook. If you have any input, I'd welcome an open discussion here.
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2012-12-02 09:33 am

Dragged Back

Once again, I'm way late to the party: a decade this time. I've only just been watching Buffy for the first time ever, and got swept away with Buffy/Spike feels. I've read about 3 Buffy fanfics, so I feel like a full-on interloper writing for this fandom.

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3850
Warnings: Unsafe sex, the tiniest bit of blood
Summary: Buffy has been resurrected, and nothing’s felt right since. She seeks solace in a place only her body knew would provide it.
A/N: This takes place immediately before Once More With Feeling (between S6E6 and S6E7), so at this point no actual (non-spell-induced) kisses have happened between these two. I conceived of this story, began to write it, then saw Once More With Feeling. Coming from a movie fandom, I’m very unused to canon carrying on doing things after I write a thing. Weird.
Beta: [ profile] night_reveals

Dragged Back )

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2012-11-01 11:45 am

Fucking You By Proxy, Hope You Don't Mind

I wrote this a year ago and just found it in my In Progress tag. I’m posting it to clear it out, because I don’t think it’ll become anything. Title (official and the fuller version that titles this post) is a paraphrased version of a lyric from Intermittently by the Barenaked Ladies.

Rating: NC-17
Pairing:Eames/Other (implied unrequited Arthur/Eames)
Word Count: ~570
Warnings: Unsafe anonymous sex
Summary: Eames’s desire for Arthur comes out sideways.

Fucking You By Proxy )

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2012-09-04 01:41 pm

A Touch of Gin - with chaostheorem

So even though I'm not drinking these days, it seems I'm still participating in late night drunken antics, thanks to chats with [ profile] chaostheorem. Somehow we've ended up writing an accidental cuddling fic for Arthur/Eames.

I'm only posting this on at AO3, so you can find it there!

A Touch of Gin - By chaostheorem and eternalsojourn at AO3

By the way, in case you missed it, I'm still holding the Procreation Celebration, for which there are still works being created.
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2012-08-16 11:25 am

Procreation Celebration Fest

All right, so it's public news that I am expecting my first child in late February. While my 'real' life will probably have all the usual pastel-tinted, cutesy, lace-trimmed events and genuinely well-meaning but cliché platitudes, I'm hoping fandom will bring the fun stuff.

That means PORN and KID!FIC and whatever other joyful fanworks with that sort of theme you can think of. LET'S HAVE A FEST!

Procreation Celebration
Art by [ profile] cho_hakkai. GIANT thanks for the artwork! I'm a little in awe, tbh.

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2012-07-30 11:47 am

Update on Fandom Activity

My fic posting has slowed down somewhat. I just posted a reincarnation story for [ profile] neomeruru's beautiful artwork for i-reversebang, and I'm pretty sure that's my last commitment for Inception fandom. Actually, it's probably my last commitment for any fandom for a good long while.

I will probably still work on some of the fics I have in progress, and continue to post those as they leave my fingers. I just don't think I have it in me to commit to anything in particular fandom-wise. I'm still on twitter, still on tumblr, still hanging around LJ and AO3. But I do believe it's time to strike out and work on some original works.

The past year and a half has been incredible for me. You guys inspired me to start writing, and with the help and encouragement of many, I've tried to stretch my wings a little to attempt things like the big bang and an actual mystery. The porn has been fun, and I will continue to write it into my stories, I think, but it's time to challenge myself further.

TL;DR - I'll sporadically produce more Inception fanfic, but not participate in fests or anything. I'm still around, and still up for flailing over all manner of things, but it's time to start writing my own original work.
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2012-07-28 08:13 pm
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Theme and Variations - for art by neomeruru

Author: [ profile] eternalsojourn for art by [ profile] neomeruru
Written for: [ profile] i_reversebang
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4950
Warnings: Angst, major character death, some violence
Beta: [ profile] night_reveals, who always has the most incisive comments. Unfortunately I left her (and myself) little time for editing on this one, and as such, I didn't end up taking all her advice, to my detriment. All remaining flaws are mine; she probably caught everything you could think of to improve this fic.
A/N: This is a reincarnation fic, so most of the sections are essentially AU, with one canon-era section.
Art Master Post: Can be found here.
Summary: Arthur and Eames begin, then go through several iterations of their love before finally, perhaps, getting it right.

Theme and Variations )

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2012-07-16 11:52 am


Banner by [ profile] ohfreckle

You guys, Inception is 2 years old! I don't know if that sounds like a long time or a short time because this fandom has actually changed my life. In any case, I'm so happy to see this inceptiversary thing happening because the source material is still fucking stunning and the fan-produced stuff still boggles my mind.

Personal thinky thoughts under the cut )