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All right, so it's public news that I am expecting my first child in late February. While my 'real' life will probably have all the usual pastel-tinted, cutesy, lace-trimmed events and genuinely well-meaning but cliché platitudes, I'm hoping fandom will bring the fun stuff.

That means PORN and KID!FIC and whatever other joyful fanworks with that sort of theme you can think of. LET'S HAVE A FEST!

Procreation Celebration
Art by [ profile] cho_hakkai. GIANT thanks for the artwork! I'm a little in awe, tbh.

Fandoms welcome here include (but are not limited to) Inception, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Grimm, Supernatural, and basically any fandom you take a fancy to.

What to do here:

  • Rec something!
  • Write something!

    • Write comment fic here (just 3 sentences even!) Just hit 'talk to me' and start typing.
    • Write longer fic and just post a link to your journal/AO3/Dreamwidth.

  • Make an art! (embed or link)
  • Podfic!
  • Make a vid!
  • Make a fanmix!
  • Prompt something! Just be clear about what you want and for what fandom & pairing.
  • Meta!

    • Talk about why you like mpreg (or whatever).
    • Tell us what first turned you onto it
    • Wax poetic about who you'd like to see pregnant and what they'd be like. What would their partner be like?

  • Anything that strikes you!

This is an opportunity to pile kinks on kinks. Knotting, Mpreg, lactation kink, scent marking, regular marking, protectiveness, fluff, angst, PWP. Kid!fic! Bring the babies, the loving daddies, the scary parental angst, the family cuddling! All is welcome here: het, slash, other. I know my stuff tends towards m/m, but HOW CUTE would Ariadne be all big and round?

Come on, guys, let's celebrate a real pregnancy the way it ought to be celebrated. Irreverently, filthily, and by doing what you all do best, which is to get excited in a way that most people don't know how to let themselves do.

AO3 Postings

There is a collection started at AO3, so if you post there, you can include it in the collection. The collection title is Procreation_Celebration.

AO3 Collection
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